This is the stage when your child starts interacting and socialising. They start playing with friends, learning new things, experimenting with toys, and enjoying the company of their close ones. Smart Achievers Academy’s nursery curriculum provides children with a hands-on learning experience helping them achieve early learning goals. The curriculum aids in nurturing their ability to explore their goals through field visits and pretend and play sections.

Children are taught to recognise numbers and alphabets and to read, write, count, and solve puzzles through fun and interactive activities. They also participate in drama, dance, and music contests and shows. Field visits and pretend and play sessions are included in the nursery curriculum to nurture your child’s ability to explore and learn through experiences and real-time observations, and not just through books and verbal learning. We at Smart Achievers Academy encourage decision making, self-control, numeracy skill-building, and planning and completing assigned tasks.

Nursery programme curriculum at Smart Achievers Academy fosters:

  • Independent thinking
  • Decision making
  • Self-control
  • Planning and completing tasks
  • Communication skills
  • Literacy and numeracy skills

The primary programme at Smart Achievers Academy aims to offer a wide variety of learning and fun activities to engage the natural curiosity of the children, stimulate their creativity and help them gain knowledge.

During your child’s primary programme, they will get introduced to core subjects like Math and Science. They will be taught these subjects through fun and interactive techniques that focus on asking questions, experimentation through play, crafts, projects, and demos. This kind of learning enhance and develop your child’s decision-making skills and makes them ready to move into high school independently and confidently.

Learning through fun activities promotes natural curiosity amongst children, stimulates their creative thinking and helps them learn numbers, alphabets, music, art, and craft. The primary program focuses on different aspects of learning that are critical to young children’s emotional, psychological, and cognitive development.